What is the inclement weather plan?

If it is only raining without thunder and lightning, we plan to start the race on time barring any unforeseen electronic complications. If there is thunder and lightning, we will delay the race until safe to start. Worse case scenario, if the weather is simply too nasty and unsafe to start, we would cancel the race. Our goal is always not to cancel, but there is always a chance when hosting an outdoor event.

Is there a cut-off finish time?  

No, there is currently specific cut-off time.  The race starts at 7 am, and the awards ceremony is at 10 am.  Most athletes finish the race in 3 hours, however we will do our best to leave the timing equipment in place until all finishers cross the finish line.

How will I start the swim?

We will start the swim in order of registration.  Each athlete will simply line up according to their number on the race bib.  The swim will start in a time trial fashion; that is each athlete will enter the water in 3-5 second intervals.